Here’s a little something you should know about AG Brand + Marketing: we love Colorado small-batch whiskey, from the spices in Dancing Pines to the smoky flavors of Stranahans. We could go on forever, but you know, we’ve got the rest of our story to share with you.

AG Brand + Marketing is a lean agency, operating entirely through partnerships and freelanced collaborations. This allows us to keep overhead costs low, so that we can provide our clients with big brand and marketing solutions at small-batch prices.

Maybe that’s why we’ve always considered ourselves a ‘small-batch’ agency with our own unique partnership distillery: we believe everything tastes a little bit better when it’s crafted with the kind of love and attention only a specialty shop can provide. Especially when it comes to branding.

Your brand, after all, is your company’s core identity. It’s what you – and your valued customers – see when you look in the mirror in the morning. Your brand is memories, emotions, and experiences that are as solidly imprinted as that slice of cheese pizza you ate on your very first date. One taste, one smell, and your customers instantly think of that moment – with you.

What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means branding isn’t something to mess around with. There are no instant solutions, nor are there any one-size-fits all strategies (or gloves, for that matter – we want our money back!). While you might one day automate some of your marketing – as in, send a scheduled Tweet or email – there is no such thing as fully automated branding. In fact, we call that, “doing what everybody else is doing,” which contradicts the point of branding in the first place.

At AG Brand + Marketing, we’re here to provide you with a clever solution. We love the variety in our work, steering clear of monotony and not limiting ourselves to perplexing marketing and advertising silos. We guide you along a path of self-discovery, and once you’re found, we’ll make dang sure the world knows why they should shake your hand, and we’ll celebrate over a nice whiskey. Or coffee. We like that too.

About Anne

In her work on the client side of brand management at a leading North American company, Anne was responsible for managing major national vendor accounts as well as her employer’s own relationships with branding and advertising agencies. As her employer rotated between agencies, she found herself often having to drive the relationship, both in terms of strategy and timely communication. At times, she felt like her employer may just be another paycheck on an agency’s roster.

When she left Denver for Austin, she made a decision: it was time for her to found an agency of her own, using all of the lessons both good and bad she had learned from working with agencies herself. Except it wouldn’t be a traditional agency. It would be the anti-agency agency. And she’d make certain that every company she worked with defined themselves before their customers defined them.

Branding really is the most important foundation a company can build. And yet it is often so difficult to understand the full benefits when you’re mired in the everyday operations of your company; in serving your customers and keeping the door open, it’s hard to make time for big picture thinking. Try syncing those efforts with the thoughts and feelings of co-founders, and branding work almost always falls by the wayside. But if you want to scale or simply realize your full potential as a business, this kind of critical thinking and problem solving has got to be done.

That’s where Anne comes in.   
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When you meet Anne, you’ll see the kind of lady who puts her heart and soul into her work and sticks around for the long term. She specializes particularly in working with small businesses from the conceptualization point on up, taking care of all the tough brand building so you can focus on doing what you do best. You’ll get this sense when working with Anne that your success is her success – and as an overachieving optimist, that means you won’t be able to help but win the world’s most loyal customers, because that’s what overachieving optimists do for their clients.